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How do I get museum passes online?


Discover & Go provides instant online access to free and low-cost tickets to museums, science centers, zoos, theatres and other fun local cultural venues.


  1. Log in to your library account. Each library will have their Discover & Go program on their website. 
  2. Browse for passes by date or by venue.
  3. Make a reservation.
  4. Shortly before your visit, print out your pass. (Important info on printing and canceling:


  • Age restrictions may apply; check with your library.
  • You can have up to 2 active reservations at a time.
  • You can make reservations up to 3 months in advance.
  • Reservations can be canceled only if the pass has not been printed.
  • Some venues have placed a 1-pass-per-year restriction and you will only be able to reserve those passes once per calendar year.
    You will find details about each pass within the venue information.
  • The pass is for use only by the person named and only on the date specified. No photocopies are allowed. Valid ID is required.

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